The Warren is a young person resource centre providing a range of services for young people to access as a drop-in centre.

They currently provide a counselling service, housing advice, education and progression service, sexual health advice and support with food inequality. 

How does FareShare Help?

The Warren has been a member of FareShare for 5 years. We have two memberships with FareShare to support our service users; one to provide food parcels and the other for teaching young people how to cook so they know how to make the most from their food parcel. With the help of FareShare we are able to support our young people and take away the added pressure of feeding themselves and their families. We also benefit by being part of the FareShare family as we can refer ineligible people to another provider who can support them.

Since the start of the Nation Lockdown in March 2020 we have supported over 2,500 people with food who were new to us and our service. We would not have been able to do this without FareShare.

Links to videos made by The Warren during lockdown 2020.

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