Cre8ivity Ark is a fantastic model of taking community back to what it once was.

Creating a community where we talk, lending an ear to a neighbor and being able to confide in others. Through this, practical and pastoral help can be given to those, who at first glance, we may not assume need it. At Cre8ivity Ark this is becoming a reality.

Despite some setbacks that come with acquiring an old building, Dawn and the team have been working tirelessly to open. The vision is an American Style diner as a social enterprise to be able to fund activities for the center. These will include cooking classes and the creation of a student library for 10–16-year olds to name just some of the plans. While they wait for restrictions to lift so they can open their doors, Dawn discovered that 4 in 5 people she spoke to were struggling so wanted to bring forward the surplus donations forward.

Their relationship with Tesco allows them too regularly collect surplus food and distribute it to the community. But this relationship goes beyond surplus and with the help of the Barton Humber Tesco, Cre8ivity Ark were be able to deliver extra goodies over Christmas to really spread some joy to those who have had a particularly difficult year.

It really is amazing to be able to support such a fantastic organisation and we cannot wait to watch you grow.

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