FareShare Hull & Humber works in partnership with the UKs largest food redistribution charity, FareShare, to source and redistribute quality, in date surplus food which would otherwise have gone to waste. We turn an environmental problem into a social solution.

Each day we receive fresh, in date and good to eat surplus food from the food industry. In 2020 we redistributed 1,458 tonnes. The food arrives into our warehouse, where it is sorted and stored by our team of staff and volunteers.

This is then redistributed to 170 charities and community groups across the region, including community centres, homeless shelters, refuges children’s breakfast/school holiday clubs and more, who turn it into delicious meals for vulnerable people.  Last year we delivered enough food to create 3.5 million meals.

As well as food, the organisations we supply food to provide vital support to people often facing challenging circumstances and living in poverty. 

How it works

We take quality, in date surplus food...

The vast majority of food waste occurs in the supply chain before it even reaches the supermarket. Working with the FareShare network we save quality surplus food from food retailers at both a regional and national level. In the Hull and Humber region this is over 1400 tonnes per year, and growing!

Our warehouses across Hull...

We receive deliveries every day at our warehouses which our team of volunteers and staff sort and store. We in turn provide employability support to our volunteers – our way of saying a big thank you.

And distribute it to charity members...

Our volunteers then redistribute to over 170 charities, schools and community groups across Hull and Humber. Community groups can sign up to receive weekly orders of food from us to cover their main food needs.

Who transform the food into meals for those in need

Over the last 12 months we redistributed enough food for 3.5 million meals. The organisations we support provide vital services alongside food services. They range from homeless shelters to women’s refuges, and from disability charities to school breakfast clubs, across just about every area or support for individuals.

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