How FareShare works


Every week, FareShare Hull & Humber receives tonnes of surplus food from the food industry at our depot on Malmo Road in Hull. This food is of excellent quality and is surplus for a whole number of reasons ranging from incorrect bar coding to over-manufacture – never because it is out of date. We in turn deliver that food every week to our network of 120 Community Food Members (CFMs) who are working with disadvantaged people throughout the region.

Each week our CFMs can order food using a simple online system – and that can be quite a wide ranging offer from fresh food to ambient packaged food of all descriptions. Our Community Food Members tell us what they would like delivered that week – and we deliver it. Simple.

The food FareShare delivers is used by our Community Food Members in a variety of ways – which range from cooking basic meals and offering nutrition tuition to offering food parcels to struggling families or meal-on-wheels for the elderly and vulnerable.

Talk to us about how FareShare food could work for you – we can also put you in touch with other Community Food members who can tell you themselves how much of a positive impact FareShare has had both on the people they work with and also on their overheads – on average a Community Food Member can save up to £7,900 per annum on food bills.